Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Getting legal representation for your company is important. Whether your operation is a corner shop run by the family or a large corporation, you need to have someone who knows the ins and outs of commercial law as your lawyer. Just like any other situation where you need to hire a lawyer or a law firm, it’s important to make sure that you have the right one – and we recognize that this can be a very difficult task, especially if you’ve never hired a lawyer before.

We started this list as a way to give people a jumping-off point, or a push in the right direction, as some might say. The idea is to give you a place to start with a list of firms and lawyers that you can call and see if any of them fit your needs. This replaces the age-old conundrum of opening up the phone directory to ‘lawyer’  or ‘legal’  and seeing page after page of listings for generic legal aid. While there are still a large number of names, you can now filter by location and, of course, specialty.

Commercial law can easily be called one of the most complicated specialties in law, simply because of the sheer variations on laws, companies, and situations that exist. Keeping that in mind, you should know this – this list is one that we compiled ourselves. Each firm or lawyer on this list is here because we or someone we know worked with them, and would recommend them to anyone we know. We feel that one of the true measures of a good person to work with, be it in law, house cleaning, or any other service, is whether people are willing to recommend their work to others. After all, if you trust someone, would you not trust them to give an accurate report of how someone works?

We do recommend that you check in with each lawyer or firm before hiring them, for a variety of reasons. One, you want to make sure that the firm still offers what you need. Two, is the lawyer you will be working with someone who believes in doing what is right for the client and does everything possible to make that happen? Three, because of how rapidly things change these days, you’re going to need to verify that the firm is still in the location the list says it is. After all, would it be helpful to find that the firm just up the street is now actually halfway across the country?

As a subset of that, while we do make every effort to make sure that these resources are updated frequently, sometimes firms don’t let us know or return our communications. In a case like that, we ask that you email us and simply let us know what has changed. The same goes for any firms that you know that are not on this list – just get us the details and we’ll take it from there!

Our hope is that this listing helps people navigate difficult situations with a little more peace of mind.


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