Family Law

family law

Looking for NZ law firms that specialize in family law?

Finding a lawyer can be difficult, but it becomes even more so when it comes to fields like family law. It’s bound to be a stressful situation, no matter what the cause, and we would like to help make that process just that little bit easier by providing this list of lawyers and firms in New Zealand who specialize in that oh-so-important subset. Please feel free to use this list as either a to-call list or simply a way to start narrowing down people who might be able to help you.

Please do be aware of the fact that this list is one we compiled ourselves, and we are not any sort of licensing group. Before hiring a lawyer or a firm, you should get in touch with them first and have a talk with (at least!) the receptionist, preferably the attorney you would be assigned to, and try to get a consultation before paying any retainer. There are several reasons for this – family law is a multi-faceted specialty, with subtopics ranging from adoption to divorce to juvenile delinquents; the firm may have moved or changed focus; they don’t have the right lawyer for your specific case and you want to avoid spending time and money where you don’t need to.

We recognize that any situation that calls for hiring a family lawyer is complicated, and we want to help make it simpler for you. Keeping that in mind, you should know this – this list is one that we compiled ourselves. Each firm or lawyer on this list is here because we or someone we know worked with them, and would recommend them to anyone we know. We feel that one of the true measures of a good person to work with, be it in law, house cleaning, or any other service, is whether people are willing to recommend their work to others. After all, if you trust someone, would you not trust them to give an accurate report of how someone works?

As mentioned above, we highly recommend calling the firm before you hire them. If you do call a firm and they no longer work in family law, or have moved their office location, changed their website, any of these things, we urge you to let us know. Simply send us an email and we will get those changes made so that nobody else has to find that out the hard way.

While this is a national registry, we acknowledge that there are areas that don’t have much coverage in the listings. Even in this age of social media, it’s not easy to find everyone – so we need your help to keep this list updated. As with corrections, just let us know of any firm that you recommend that you don’t see on this list.

Our hope is that this listing helps people navigate difficult situations with a little more peace of mind.


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